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A River Center Rally Team


Our Mission: Eradication of the invasive & noxious Scotch Broom along the Olympic Discovery Trail, while raising money for the Dungeness River Audubon Center’s education programs Sequim, WA


Participate By: joining our Team, sponsoring our Team, or both during the month of April.


BROOM BUSTING: Wednesdays 9-11am:

· April 3rd = ODT & Diamond Point Road trailhead parking

· April 10th= ODT & Old Blyn Road; Blyn

· April 17th= ODT & White Feather Way; Sequim

· April 24th= Milwaukee Dr. & W. 18th Street going west on ODT towards Dry Creek


Want to Pull Boom?

Please RSVP & be sure to wear long sleeves & pants, sturdy shoes, gloves, eye protection and hat/cap. Bring a bottle of water.


Provided: Scotch Broom pullers, snacks & water to replenish your water bottles


Since we began in 2013, BROOM BUSTERS have completed 699 volunteer hours & have raised over $12,213 for the Dungeness River Audubon Center’s education programs. Last year we were asked to keep count of the number of Scotch Broom plants we extracted- it was 8,273!


Sponsor us: donations to the Dungeness River Audubon Center, of any size are welcome, and tax deductible.

· use the “Donate” button

· Make checks payable to DRAC and write BROOM BUSTERS VII on the memo line.

o Bring to and visit the River Center; 2151 W. Hendrickson Road, Sequim, WA

o Mail to DRAC; PO Box 2450, Sequim, WA 98382


RSVP if you can join us/if you need further details/have questions;

Gretha Davis 360-477-5407


APRIL 3, 2019; Our first day of pulling Scotch Broom

WOW, we were a crowd of FOURTEEN eager-beavers ready to extract Scotch Broom along the Olympic Discovery Trail at the Diamond Point Trail Head.

Lee Bowen, Gretha & Doug Davis, Pat Gritman, Mary Kelsoe, Larry Kilmer, Vern Klimecky, Anita Knapp, Brian Marts, Lin Norris, Susan Nickum, Paul Schwabe, Roger Wagner, and Dennis Westeren.

This area is new to us, the Olympic Discovery Trail has been extended east from Blyn to Diamond Point Road. The field of Scotch Broom has seeded lots of newbies.


Our finishing group shot- still wearing smiles after all of our physical exertion-


Today’s work totaled 5,091 Scotch Broom plants pulled out- JOB WELL DONE, even though there is more Scotch Broom in this area to be pulled…..

Thanks Vern for keeping track of all of the numbers.


Thanks for the loan of Scotch Broom pulling tools goes to; Peninsula Trails Coalition (as well as their safety vests), Clallam Co. Noxious Weed Program, the Dungeness River Audubon Center, & Chris Gutmacher.


APRIL 10, 2019; Our second day of pulling Scotch Broom

Wow, this is the year of people coming out to take out Scotch Broom- lucky number thirteen today;

Pat Cleall, Doug & Gretha Davis, Pat Gritman, Elden Housinger, Mary Kelso, Larry Kilmer, Vern Klimecky, Anita Knapp, Brian Marts, Susan Nickum, Paul Schwabe, and Roger Wagner.


Last year we did two sections along the Old Blyn Highway, a nice quiet road. Today we came to complete the middle section and were very happy to be wearing our borrowed high-visibility vests from the Peninsula Trails Coalition. Old Blyn Highway was living up to its highway name- lots of trucks coming through…. But it was offset by the off and on chorus of frogs- so nice.


Today’s BROOM BUSTERS team took out 4,366 Scotch Broom plants. Many of which were ones that had been previously brush-hogged/cut/poisoned, but had survived the experience. Well no longer…


Some of the thickets were intermingled with other plants. Unfortunately some of which were blackberry & wild rose. Today, as last week, one of the volunteers drew blood from a sharp plant on their arm because the weren’t wearing long sleeves for protection. But because of that, I learned something new. I offered hand sanitizer to disinfect the area, but found out that hand sanitizer takes 30minutes to do its thing. Instead use “tamed iodine” povidone-iodine as an antiseptic, from the pharmacy. Brian Marts should know, he’s Sequim’s retired veterinarian. It’s fast acting and effective. He keeps it in his first aid kit. And I will too, as soon as I buy some. Thanks Brian.


Sorry to say that we did not gather at the end to take a group photo, because as we finished, the rain began…. Perfect timing.


Here are few photos to document the day’s work;


Checkout the size of the roots…. Brian, using his “Uplifter” tool.



Larry battling a thicket. He found this section to be much easier than the area where he and the Scotch Broom were tangled with other plants.



Paul showing off a brush-hogged Scotch Broom whose root system grew sideways.



Mary & Elden doing back breaking work down low.



BROOM BUSTING volunteer hours as of today totals 56 hours.


APRIL 14, 2019; Our third day of pulling Scotch Broom

brought us back to Whitefeather Way’s ODT stretch- our SEVENTH time…. We pulled out 4,814 Scotch Broom plants.

It looks so much better than it did seven years ago…..


Our wonderful volunteers for the day were; Doug & Gretha Davis, Pat Gritman, Mary Kelsoe, Larry Kilmer, Vern Klimecky, Anita Knapp, Susan Nickum, Lin Norris, Paul Schwabe, Sandy Shadforth, Roger Wagner and Dennis Westeren.


Our “group” photo (not everyone was present) was taken at one of the MANY tulip patches that were planted by Peninsula Trails Coalition volunteers on January 21, 2019’s Day of Service. Just gorgeous. Dennis suggested that we lay down for the photo so that our faces were in line with the tulips- not an easy task when you’ve been carrying a solid steel tool up and down steep slopes, bending over positioning the tool and then once the Scotch Broom is ripped from the soil, bending over again to extract the plant from the tool… some of the group opted to go down as far as their knees….

BROOM BUSTING total volunteer hours as of today; 82 hours.

BROOM BUSTING total number of Scotch Broom pulled; 14,271

BROOM BUSTING moneys raised so far; $625


ABOUT RC Rally 2019
Name Date Amount Comments
Shirley Anderson 05/06/2019 $100.00  
Pam & Ted Bedford 04/30/2019 $25.00  
Curtiss Davis 04/25/2019 $100.00 Great Job Broom Busters!!
Kris Ecklund 04/25/2019 $500.00 Congratulations to Broom Busters VII!!!
Anonymous Friend 04/25/2019 $215.00 Great work, Broom Busters! Many thanks to you and your hardy, dedicated team!
Lorri Gilchrist 04/23/2019 $40.00  
Laurie & Ross D'Alesandro 04/11/2019 $75.00  
Ann & Dave Perkins 04/11/2019 $100.00  
Kris Ecklund 04/10/2019 $250.00  
Ken & Janie Leuthold 04/04/2019 $100.00  
Ken & Janie Leuthold 04/01/2019 $100.00  
Priscilla Hudson 03/31/2019 $10.00 Thanks for your continued efforts to remove weeks so we can enjoy REAL nature
Jan Brahms 03/29/2019 $50.00  
Roger & April Uhden 03/29/2019 $50.00  
  Total $1,715.00  
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